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Jenny of the Tetons

Paperback. Pub Date: 2002 Pages: 192 Publisher: the Graphia Carrie Hill hates Indians Indians killed her parents and ruined her life WITH nowhere else to go fifteen-year-old Carrie signs on to help care for the family of Beaver Dick Leigh. an English trapper. To her dismay. Carrie discovers that Beaver Dick's wife. Jenny. is a Shoshoni Indian! But as Carrie's wounds heal under Jenny's gentle care. she begins to respect and love this kind woman. Beginning each chapter with an excerpt from Beaver Dick Leigh's actual journals. Kristiana Gregory ings alive the people and the dramatic setting of a bygone era. Orphaned by an Indian raid while traveling West with a wagon train. fifteen-year-old Carrie Hill is befriended by the English trapper Beaver Dick and taken to live with his Indian wife Jenny and their six children.

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