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Witness in Bishop Hill: A Joan Spencer Mystery

Things have finally calmed down enough for cozy heroine Joan Spencer and her new husband, Lt. Fred Lundquist, to take a long-delayed honeymoon to celebrate their three-month-old nuptials. Of course, it won’t be a traditional honeymoon, since they’ll have Joan’s teenage son, Andrew, in tow, and the fact that they are using the trip to finally visit Fred’s family makes it even more unusual. But Joan is happy; she’ll get some time away with her family, and she’ll finally get to see the tiny historic Swedish-American community where Fred grew up, Bishop Hill.
Unfortunately for Joan, neither her honeymoon nor her trip works out quite as she’d hoped. Fred’s mother is farther down the road to Alzheimer’s than they had been led to believe. The worst is yet to come when Mrs. Lundquist witnesses a brutal murder but is a little too disoriented to be clear in her description for the killer. Suddenly everyone in the small village is a suspect, and the only person with the key to unlock the mystery is an elderly woman who floats in and out of clarity . Joan will have to get close enough to her mother-in-law to figure out what really happened that night, and to protect her and her extended family from a killer who is bound to strike again.

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