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Kyoto Dwelling: A Year of Brief Poems

"Japanese poets of the 20th century have come vividly to life in this anthology, giving the reader excellent, memorable material showing work in the old forms and new ways of writing tanka, haiku and free verse."
--Modern Haiku

Although living amid continuous change, the poet has chosen to help us see the things that have outlasted all changes: bamboo groves and the red leaves of autumn, waterfalls and quiet ponds, and, of course, the mountains that surround the city--Hiei, Yoshinda, and others--

In the early morning
snowfall, and Daimon ji's peak
just a white shadow.

With the poet we walk through the forest and along the trails of the mountains, paying homage to the spirits of those who have walked there before--

Sitting for an hour
by the tea hut without tea.
Basho an Buson!

The poems, over 350 in all, are beautifully complemented by the traditional Japanese ink-paintings of Kyoto-born artist Kohka Saito.

Important places

Kyoto-shi (90)


Kyoto (93)


Japan (2,219)

Other geographical areas

Honshü (922)
Eastern Asia (2,196)