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Agincourt 1415

For many commentators, it was the English archers who won the day for Henry V. This new history tells the story of the battle and Henry V's Normandy campaign from the perspective of the reputed commander of the English archers, Sir Thomas Erpingham. Sir Thomas, an experienced warrior with military experience dating back 40 years, is known for his brief but pivotal appearances in Shakespeare's Henry V, where he is correctly portrayed as an elderly, white haired veteran. But what was his background? How did he command his archers to such a place in history? And what role did the longbow and battlefield tactics play in the victory? Copiously illustrated with reproductions of battle plans and rosters never before published, Anne Curry steers the reader through the history of the most important battle of the Hundred Years War from an entirely fresh perspective.

Important places

Agincourt (25)


Meurhe-et-Moselle (56)


France (7,260)