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Peace Like a River

To the list of great American child narrators that includes Huck Finn and Scout Finch, let us now add Reuben "Rube" Land, the asthmatic 11-year-old boy at the centre of Leif Enger's remarkable first novel, Peace Like a River. Rube recalls the events of his childhood, small-town Minnesota circa 1962, in a voice that perfectly captures the poetic verbal stoicism of the Northern Great Plains. "Here's what I saw," Rube warns his readers. "Here's how it went. Make of it what you will." And Rube sees plenty.


North Dakota (215)
Minnesota (828)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Superior Upland (76)
Canadian Shield (805)
Great Plains (2,255)
Upper Midwest (2,971)