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McNally's Chance

Lawrence Sanders’s beloved sleuth Archy McNally returns in a novel by Vincent Lardo

Truth is stranger than fiction in Archy McNally’s latest case, proving there’s no bond stronger than blood—except the bonds of a deadly secret

Bestselling author Sabrina Wright wants dapper detective Archy McNally to find her husband, who vanished while looking for her MIA daughter—it may seem like a simple case, but McNally knows it’s never that easy.
Thirty-year-old Gillian Wright ran off to find her birth father, opening a Pandora’s box of scandalous revelations the tabloids can’t resist. It seems that Sabrina’s life was a bigger fiction than her bodice-ripping romances. Before her story is over, three powerful men with damning secrets could be outed . . . and murder will be the denouement. As McNally stumbles on one cover-up after another, he has one last chance to catch a killer who will stop at nothing to protect his name.

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