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Between, Georgia

A feud that began the night a baby was stolen is escalating...

Nonny Frett understands the meanings of 'rock' and 'hard place'. She's got two men: her husband is easing out the back door and her best friend is laying siege to her heart in her front yard. She has a job that holds her in the city, and she's addicted to a little girl stuck deep in the country. And she has two families: the Fretts, who stole her and raised her right, and the Crabtrees, who lost her and can't forget they've been done wrong. Now a random act of violence is about to set the torch to a thirty-year-old stash of highly flammable secrets. This might be just what the town needs if only Nonny wasn't sitting in the middle of it...


Important places

Athens (40)
Between (1)


Walton (5)
Clarke (45)


Georgia (1,485)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Piedmont (USA) (1,063)
Deep South (4,776)