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Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes

1.Active Table of Contents
2.New Illustrations
3.Comics Introduction in section "Pele Talks"
4.Added Illustrations Corner
5.New Preface

HAWAIIAN LEGENDS OF VOLCANOES is an old classic mythologies fairy tales of Hawaii. It is a good mythology books, full of stories of god and goddess suit for every reader: kids, teenagers, and adults. Include pictures of goddess of volcano in hawaii related to the stories. Most original volcano goddess illustrations,Pele-the goddess of fire, Hiiaka-the goddes of hula, Namaka, Poliahu- the snow-goddess, are new (some hawaiian volcanoes pictures are public domain).
There are comic illustrations of Pele the goddess of fire and volcanoes. This book is an exciting mythology stories of Hawaiian. I hope you love it.


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