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Memories Can Be Murder

Charlie has no idea, when she begins organizing storage space for her fiance's move-in, that simply moving boxes in the attic will throw her back in time to the events leading up to her parents' fatal plane crash. Drake will arrive in a few days and Charlie is making room to combine their two households.

But the dusty attic holds more than just memories. In her father's small leather notebook is a cryptic message that translates into danger for Charlie as she discovers that his top secret work as a scientist at Sandia Labs during the Cold War years still has certain people worried. And Charlie's poking about in dark secrets may well lead to disaster.

Here's what others have said about the Charlie Parker mystery series:

"Charlie is...just what readers want in an amateur sleuth." -- Booklist

"Tension is fast paced..." -- Bookwatch

"A well written by-the-book who done it that will enthrall purists." --Midwest Book Review

"Memorable details and an edgy, paranoid atmosphere." -- Booklist

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