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The Siege

Previously published as Moon Walker and with a new introduction from Matthew Costello.

In Dyer, Maine, the dead won't stay buried!

The people of Dyer liked their quaint little farming community just the way it was. So they didn't question the bizarre, unexplained disappearances that had begun to plague their town. No one talked about the hideous screams that shattered their sleep, nor asked why the lights at the funeral parlor blazed long into the night. And they never... never... discussed the eerie figures seen harvesting the potato fields by day — the slow, lumbering hulks with expressionless features and a blood-chilling deadness behind their eyes...

Engineer Dale Harmon was unaware of the unspeakable evil that infested the sleepy New England village. But now Harmon and four others are about to face an unstoppable onslaught of bloody terror that will far surpass their most gruesome nightmares. For the siege is about to begin. And the army of the dead takes no prisoners!

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