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The Fairy Gunmother

A crime novel in a class of his own, you'll laugh till you cry ,
Bertrand Audusse, Le Monde
There is only profit and pleasure to be had in this wise, good-humoured, funny book
David Coward, Times Literary Supplement
These are clasic page-turners, in which the loyalty and decency of ordinary (and not so ordinary) people contrive to vanquish villains and tyrants
Ruth Morse, Times Literary Supplement.
A policeman on a mission of mercy is shot dat at pointpblank range by a sweet old granny on a frosty morning. The neighbourhood, Paris's bubbling Belleville quarter, is already in uproar because half a dozen other grannies have been found dead with their shrivelled throats slit. Into this tense situation stumbles Benjamin Malaussene with an overly complicated life that includes his voluptuous red-haired girlfriend, Julie, and his smelly epileptic dog, Julius. Manically inventive - some have called it deranged - Pennac's creations in The Fairy Gunmother have achieved cult status all over Europe.
Daniel Pennac was born in Casablanca in 1944. He has been employed in various capacities including woodcutter, cab driver, illustrator and schoolteacher. The Fairy Gunmother is the first of Pennac's Belleville Quarte featuring Benjamin Malaussene, the professional scapegoat.

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