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Man on Fire

Fierce authentic action, masterful storytelling and a touchingly moving friendship combine in this gripping novel of suspense and revenge, set in an Italy plagued by kidnapping.

Washed-up, a near alcoholic, ex-mercenary Creasy takes on the job of guarding the 11 year old daughter of an Italian industrialist. Delightful and intelligent, she penetrates his embittered cynicism to become his friend.

Then something terrible happens that fills Creasy with a deadly and unforgiving anger. And the story explodes in a phenomenal tale of training and preparation, vengeance and execution as, armed with a formidable weaponry, Creasy wages a personal war on a powerful and evil enemy.

'Fast, lethal, very credible and highly suspenseful'

'Barely putdownable'


Xagħra (16)


Malta (123)

Other geographical areas

Southern Europe (7,123)