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Henry McGee Is Not Dead

On the foggy and desolate Seattle waterfront, a grey-haired, gray-eyed man
foils a mugging. His name is Devereaux - the November Man. His act of
salvation is the first, unexpected step on a perilous odyssey to the remote
wilderness of Alaska.

His quest is for a mysterious individual named Henry McGee, the sometimes
American, sometimes Russian master manipulator, teller of tales, and
treacherous link between the superpowers, in a bizarre, far-reaching plot to
destroy U.S. Intelligence.

The November Man is the unwilling intstrument of the plan's success - or the
determined key to its failure.

Important places

Anchorage (60)
Nome (17)


Nome (20)
Anchorage (60)


Alaska (1,096)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Chugach Mountains (10)
Bering Sea (39)