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Dying for a Clue

The third in the acclaimed Jennifer Marsh mystery series!

Jennifer Marsh is going under cover... well, not technically under cover. She is the brand new personal assistant to an honest to God private eye. An unpublished mystery writer who's solved a few real-life mysteries, Jennifer hopes some on the job experience with a pro will give her the next great book idea.

So what if the only person who'll let her ride along is Johnny Zeeman, a professional sleeze ball and small time detective?

When they witness a murder in the alley behind a fertility clinic, and Johnny takes a bullet, Jennifer finds herself tied up in a case full of family secrets... secrets so deep someone will kill to keep them.

And when Jennifer takes on Johnny's client, a local college student desperate for answers about her past, she may just have traced a target on her own back.

The search for the killer has Jennifer plotting with her writers' group, hiding out (and playing house) with her sexy reporter friend, Sam, and dodging bullets in a quest for the truth that

has her Dying for a Clue...

“This is a series worth discovering from the beginning.”
-Mystery News

“DYING FOR A CLUE is a fast-paced, easy read that is entertaining and beguiling.”
--Romantic Times

“Fitzwater...obviously has fun with her characters...”
--Publishers Weekly

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