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The Miernik Dossier

Cool, urbane Paul Christopher is the perfect American agent, currently working in deep cover in the twilight world of international intrigue. But now even he cannot tell good from bad in a maze of double- and triple-cross. As a group of international agents embark on a trip in a Cadillac from Switzerland to the Sudan, Christopher knows that he has to find which one is about to unleash bloody terrorism – and God help everyone if he makes a mistake.

Originally published in 1973, this compelling and distinctive thriller was the debut of the widely celebrated Charles McCarry and is the first book to introduce readers to Paul Christopher. Finally back in paperback, The Miernik Dossier will introduce a new generation of readers to the work of one of the great spy novelists.

Charles McCarry is the author, most recently, of the critically acclaimed thriller Christopher’s Ghosts. His other much-praised novels include The Tears of Autumn, The Last Supper and Old Boys. During the Cold War he was an intelligence officer operating under deep cover in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Geneva (119)


Genève (127)


Switzerland (876)