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Jacquot and the Waterman

They say drowning is easy…
Daniel Jacquot knows Marseilles better than most. He ought to, he was born there. And Marseilles knows him, as the rugby hero who once scored the winning try against the English at Twickenham. But now he's a cop – passionate, incorruptible, and often inspired. Like playing rugby, tracking down killers is a game Jacquot understands. And Marseilles just happens to be his own home ground – every brash, bustling, sun-splashed square inch of it. It's here, in this city by the sea, that a shadowy, elusive killer steps onto the field of play, drugging, raping, and drowning three young women in as many months. With a new partner, a rising body count, and only a three-word tattoo to work with, Jacquot tracks down his quarry, gradually closing on a methodical, yet sometimes whimsical killer the Press have christened The Waterman. (Originally published as Jacquot and the Waterman)

"Daniel Jacquot of the Marseilles PD is a marvellous invention and deserves to be discovered quickly. The characters and plot are great, but the real hit is Marseilles. It's gaudy, loud, sunny, and loaded with mystery. In short, the perfect backdrop for a killer who tracks, rapes and drowns young women. All that, and rugby too."
– The Globe and Mail (Canada)

"O'Brien's evocation of the hot, vibrant, and seedy port in which everyone seems to be either a cop or a criminal, and sometimes both, is as masterly as Ian Rankin's depiction of Edinburgh. More of Jacquot is promised - definitely one to watch."
– The Daily Mail

"In this, the first of what I hope is a long-running series, O'Brien creates a sexually-charged atmosphere that is as chilling as it is engaging."
– The Sydney Morning Herald

"Those lucky enough to pick up this debut crime novel will discover a wonderfully inventive and involving detective story with vivid French locales creating the perfect backdrop."
– The Daily Express

"Lovers of thrillers will welcome this new voice."
– The Irish Examiner

Important places

Marseille (106)


Bouches-du-Rhône (144)


France (7,260)

Other geographical areas

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (466)