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By Any Other Name

Stephanie Dares is rich, strong, and has no need of rescue from anyone--certainly not from the Darth Vader of venture capitalists, Erik Chambers. At their first meeting, sparks don't fly--a milkshake does. But underneath the clash of two strong personalities lies sexual tension and something more... a commonality they never dreamed existed, the source of which could destroy their only chance at happiness. When they discover they must journey from the Twin Cities to Boston to confront Stephanie's father, long thought dead, they realize there is much more at stake than two lonely lives finally getting a chance to intertwine. The long-buried truth about Stephanie's parents could bring them together... or destroy their one chance at happiness. From the charm of the Midwest to cosmpolitan Boston, By Any Other Name takes the reader on a roller-coaster-ride of laughter and passion. [Cover art Mary Z. Wolf]

Important places

Boston (1,283)
Cambridge (200)
Minneapolis (185)


Hennepin (234)
Suffolk (1,359)
Middlesex (376)


Massachusetts (3,085)
Minnesota (828)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Central Lowlands (North America) (1,334)
Upper Midwest (2,971)
New England (5,830)