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Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army

A classic work of military history, this was the first systematic study of the auxiliary soldiers who fought alongside the Roman legions. Using evidence ranging from their gravestones to the discharge papers that eventually granted them citizenship, Cheesman traces the evolution of the “barbarian” auxiliaries, from ad-hoc local levies to highly specialized units that became a vital component of the Roman army. Separate chapters cover the size and organization of auxiliary units; where and why auxiliaries and their officers were recruited; their role in war and frontier defense; and the different kinds of arms and armor they used. A final conclusion deals with the decline and break-up of the Augustan military system, and the fates of auxiliary units left to defend forts far from their homelands. Two appendices list the strength, positioning, and recruitment areas of all known auxiliary units in the peak years of the second century AD. This ebook edition includes an active table of contents, reflowable text, and all of Cheesman’s original footnotes and tables.

Table of Contents:
 • Preface
 • List of Abbreviations
 • Introduction – The Military Reforms of Augustus
 • The Strength and Organization of the Auxiliary Regiments
 • Recruiting and Distribution
 • The Use of the Auxilia for War and Frontier Defence
 • Arms and Armour
 • Conclusion – The Break-Up of the Augustan System
 • Appendix I – Regimental Lists
 • Appendix II – Regimental Origins


Syria (352)

Other geographical areas

Western Asia (1,597)