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The Death of Yugoslavia (BBC)

The Death of Yugoslavia, which accompanied the highly acclaimed BBC TV series of the same name, was the first account to go behind the public face of battle and into the closed worlds of the key players in the war. In this updated edition. which takes the story through to the Dayton Agreement, the authors consider the prospects of peace for the former Yugoslavia.

Important places

Belgrade (31)
Dubrovnik (16)
Srebrnica (4)
Vukovar (4)


Ljubljana (18)
Grad Beograd (32)
Priština (39)
Vlasenica (4)
Vukovarsko-Srijemska (3)


Bosnia and Herzegovina (176)
Serbia (122)
Slovenia (65)
Croatia (102)
Kosovo (40)

Other geographical areas

Dinaric Alps (144)
Alföld (325)
Balkans (2,385)
Southern Europe (7,123)