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Captains of the Sands

Paperback. Pub Date :2013-07-08 Pages: 288 Language: English Publisher: Penguin PressClassics A Brazilian Lord of the Flies. about a group of boys who live by their wits and daring in the slums of Bahia They call themselves Captains of the Sands. a gang of orphans and runaways who live by their wits and daring in the torrid slums and sleazy back alleys of Bahia. Led by fifteen-year-old Bullet. the band-including a crafty liar named Legless. the intellectual Professor. and the sexually precocious Cat -pulls off heists and escapades against the right and privileged of Brazil. But when a public outcry demands the capture of the little criminals. the fate of these children becomes a poignant. intensely moving drama of love and freedom in a shackled land. Captains of the Sands captures the rich culture. vivid emotions. and wild landscape of Bahia with penetrating authenticity and...

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Salvador (6)


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Brazil (700)

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South America (1,265)
Brazilian Highlands (85)
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