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A Fate Totally Worse Than Death

Murder! Ghosts! Revenge! Liver Spots! Cherry Truffles! Meet the Huns, Tiffany, Brooke and Danielle, the self-appointed rulers of Cliffside High. Mesing with these girls, as poor Charity Chase discovers, can be murder. And right now someone is missing: Helga, the ravishing new student from Norway who's got the undivided adoration of every boy at Cliffside, including Danielle's intended, millionaire's son Drew. The solution is simple: Helga must go. Getting rid of her ought to be no problem for the Huns, only...something weird seems to be happening to them; something much nastier than the horror stories Danielle loves to read; something that can only be described as a fate totally worse than death...


California (7,435)


Norway (581)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Kjølen Mountains (43)
Central Valley (290)
Sierra Nevada (316)
Scandinavia (1,373)
Northern California (3,440)