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Khartoum: The Ultimate Imperial Adventure

Paperback. Pub Date: March. 2008 Pages: 480 Publisher: Penguin Global The itish CAMPAIGN in the Sudan in Victoria's reign. Queen is aN epic tale of adventure more thrilling than any fiction of The story begins with the massacre of THE 11.000 strong Hicks Pasha column in 1883. Sent to evacuate the country. itish hero General Gordon was surrounded and murdered in Khartoum by an army of dervishes led by the Mahdi. The relief mission arrived 2 days too late. The result was a national scandal that shocked the Queen and led to the fall of the itish government. Twelve years later it was the illiant Herbert Kitchener who struck back. Achieving the impossible he built a railway across the desert to transport his troops to the final devastating confrontation at Omdurman in 1898. Desert explorer and author . Michael Asher has reconstructed this classic tale in vivid detail. Having cove...

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