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The Salzburg Connection

Twenty-one years ago, with the Allies on their heels, the Nazis hid a sealed chest in the dark, forbidding waters of the Finstersee, a lake surrounded by the brooding peaks of the Austrian Alps. One of the few men who knows of its existence is Richard Bryant, a British agent. He sets out alone to discover the secret of the lake and unleashes a series of violent reactions - and violent deaths...

'Absorbing, vivid, often genuinely terrifying'

'All the makings of the big bestseller … Nazi secrets at the bottom of an Austrian lake, agents from America, Russia, Britain and Red China, some modern-day Nazis — and plenty of dead bodies'

'Exciting, packed with action, with a huge cast of vivid characters'

Important places

Salzburg (75)


Salzburg (83)


Austria (1,825)

Other geographical areas

Alps (839)