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The Amber War Series

From Book 1: How do you fight an unbeatable enemy?

In 1944, the Russian Red Army marches through Eastern Europe, ravaging the countryside and terrorizing the people. A young Lithuanian woman, Ludmelia Kudirka, witnesses a Soviet military officer order her mother killed. Terrified, Ludmelia escapes to the safety of the forest. Vowing vengeance, she joins the partisan resistance, the Brothers of the Forest, in a hopeless struggle against Stalin's mighty war machine. His mission to crush the resistance, Soviet officer Lieutenant Roman Zabrev is enraged that Ludmelia, a mere woman, has escaped. He pursues her and her fellow warriors into the forest where he encounters the fight of his life. In Book One of the Amber War series, the farmers and office workers in Lithuania exchange their pitchforks and pencils for stolen weapons to fight the largest army in the world.


Lithuania (117)