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Wind on the Sounds: A Novel Set in the Yacht Race Around Vancouver Island

A heartwarming tale of a woman with a difficult past and fears who steps outside her comfort zone into one of the toughest yacht races in North America.

When Rebecca Dunbar agreed to join the land crew for the Van Isle 360 yacht race, she never dreamt that she’d be a last-minute replacement on a racing crew. After all, she barely knew port from starboard, never mind how to actually sail.

But fate intervened, and now this quiet history professor must learn how to fit into an experienced sailing crew during one of the most challenging races in North America. The only novice on the Gallivant’s seven-member crew, Rebecca discovers a racing world with gale-force winds and rough seas as well as gentle sailing past the wondrous natural beauty of Vancouver Island.

As the Gallivant’s captain pushes them to beat some of the world’s fastest boats, a freak accident leaves Rebecca fighting for her life. Will she stop carrying secrets that weighed her down for years?

Important places

Campbell River (1)
Comox (1)
Hardwicke Island (1)
Nanaimo (7)
Port Hardy (1)
Telegraph Cove (1)
Ucluelet (2)
Victoria (83)
Winter Harbour (1)


British Columbia (903)


Canada (8,082)

Other geographical areas

Vancouver Island (48)
Western Canada (2,591)
North Pacific Ocean (5,393)