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The Image Seeker

The Dust Bowl 1936-Battered and near death, Billie Bassett gazes up at the stars from the door of a boxcar wondering if she can go on. Yet in spite of the violence and privation that is life riding the rails, she endures and becomes one of the finest photojournalists in the nation. From humble beginnings in an Indian boarding school in Minnesota to high society in New York City, Billie experiences it all. Her pioneering camera work attracts the attention of a group of elite New York journalists and catapults her to fame. But it comes at a price. Her talents are required in the upcoming war and she must travel undercover, deep into Nazi Germany as a courier. Traveling with her is the charismatic and acclaimed journalist, Max Rothman, Billie’s harshest critic, and dearest friend, but he has his own agenda. The Image Seeker is a tale of lost youth, strength, and rebirth set in one of our country’s most tragic eras, The Great Depression and in the cauldron of hatred that was Nazi Germany.

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New York (7,400)


New York (8,072)


Minnesota (828)
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United States (64,950)

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