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Waiting for the Turk: a Harry Tolland Novel

After 12 years as an anonymous center on various NFL teams, the Turk showed up and Harry Tolland’s NFL career came to an end. Recently divorced and alone, Harry retreats to his house in rural Vermont where he isolates himself until he comes to terms with the major turn his life has taken. Returning to the city and his roots in South Boston, Harry reluctantly accepts his father’s offer of a partnership in Bayview Investigations and eventually takes over the agency after his father’s death.

When Mary Costello’s body is discovered in the trunk of her car on a dimly light lovers’ lane off a South Boston beach, police immediate arrest a young punk and co-worker, Colin Ryan. Ryan’s father, a well-known Southie figure, believes his son is innocent and hires Harry to prove it. Harry begins an investigation that not only brings him into conflicts with Mary’s ex-husband and her father but uncovers a drug-trafficking operation that eventually leads him to Mary’s killer.

Important places

South Boston (8)


Suffolk (1,359)


Massachusetts (3,085)


United States (64,950)

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New England (5,830)