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Movin' On: The Sequel to King & Train

Movin' On is Russell Dupont's third novel and the sequel to his first, King & Train. The novel's main character, Danny Shea is back from his "on-the-road" hitch-hiking adventure and back with the "guys" on the corner, his rowdy and oddball friends: Frank, Mucka-the-duck, Tony, the Smolinski brothers and Leo, the owner of Kozicki's, the store where they hang out.

What hasn't changed are the many conflicts Danny has to deal with: his seduction by an older woman who happens to own the three-decker where he and his parents live; his efforts, as a freshman walk-on, to make the football team at Boston College; and the death of one of "the guys." Like King & Train, Movin' On deals with with violence, humor, friendship, and finding love.

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