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Broken Symmetry

After seven years, Emma Wentzell finally has the child she's longed for and she is determined that Eleanor will be brilliant. Life, it seems, is all it should be, but Emma soon finds out that she has a rival for Eleanor's affection—her older and childless sister, Virtue. The jealousies of the past and present emerge and start the sisters on a course that neither wants yet neither can alter. Caught between the two, Eleanor fights for her own identity amidst the vagaries of what it means to be a family, doubts about church and God, her mother's failing health and her own future. Set in Lunenburg, NS in the 1940s and 50s, Broken Symmetry is the tale of two sisters and the one daughter who tore them apart.

Important places

Lunenburg (8)


Nova Scotia (716)


Canada (8,082)

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The Maritimes (1,090)
Atlantic Canada (1,401)