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Paper Targets: Art Can Be Murder

Steve S. Saroff's new novel simmers with love and greed before boiling over along the twisting path between right and wrong.

Critics are calling it "Wonderfully written," "Brilliantly done," "Succinct," "Well crafted," and "Amazing."

A loner bails an artist out of jail and sets free a deadly mistake. Enzi, a dyslexic drifter, becomes a criminal computer hacker who falls for Kaori, a displaced artist from Tokyo. When Kaori confesses through drawings, Enzi questions everything he has ever done. When he tries to extricate himself from the violent people he has become indebted to, Enzi looks to his past for answers.

Character-driven and then speeding to its end, Paper Targets is a Literary Thriller that tries to explain why people sometimes do bad things.

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