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Zombies in Saudi Arabia

Zombies in Saudi Arabia

The novel follows sisters Sara and Malak, and their two best friends who live in modern-day Saudi Arabia. The girls notice a series of strange events popping up around them, followed by a warning from the military, it soon becomes clear that something is horribly wrong. Things around them fall into chaos, and the dead rise—and beneath the scorching Arabian sun, they’re more dangerous than anyone could have possibly imagined. Sara and her friends soon find themselves thrust into a dangerous world filled with undead and living enemies. Teaming up with Sara’s co-worker Rakan and his cousin, the girls set out to locate their parents and seek answers. On the way, they discover the unnerving truth behind the zombies – and how Sara might be the only one who can stop them. With suspicion running rampant and nobody safe to trust, will Sara and her friends be able to uncover the secrets behind the virus? Or will Saudi Arabia – and the entire world – fall to ruin?

Important places

Ad Dammam (2)
Dhahran (1)
Riyadh (20)


Ash Sharqiyah (4)
Ar Riyad (21)


Bahrain (14)
Saudi Arabia (188)

Other geographical areas

Arabian Peninsula (238)
Western Asia (1,597)