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A Novel of Lost Democracy
A national election broken by once unthinkable laws and political violence. Tens of millions of fearful Americans demanded safety and security. The new far right president obliged, using the crisis as a pretext to declare a national emergency and pass sweeping laws that targeted political opponents and dissenters as domestic terrorists. The United States of America falls into one-party autocracy.
Democracy was not lost to invasion or natural catastrophe. There was no economic collapse or military coup. Instead, out of fear or vengeance, or ignorance, or apathy, voters abandoned their always imperfect democracy for promises of a return to the mythical glories of the past.
In St. Andrews, New Brunswick, American dissidents hoped to start a new life. Mike and Debbie Whynot, both retired U.S. Air Force officers and leaders of the expatriates, now face threats from the new U.S. government. They will pay dearly for their continued fight for democracy.
Across the Saint Croix River in Maine, others remain in service to the United States government. A few will find the moral burden unendurable.
This is a story of a few who must find an answer to what a President long ago asked of all Americans for all time, “…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”
This is a story of our near future that is no longer fanciful. It is possible. Even probable.

Important places

Eastport (15)
St. Andrews (3)


Washington (19)


New Brunswick (200)
Maine (1,075)


Canada (8,082)
United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Bay Of Fundy (43)
The Maritimes (1,090)
Atlantic Canada (1,401)
New England (5,830)