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The Tinen Killings

April, 1898-As America heads for war with Spain, Pat Tinen, an aging Civil War officer and a Union hero at Gettysburg, is sleepwalking through old age at the National Soldiers' Home in Virginia. Then Tinen's son, a failed Klondike prospector, is murdered after a clumsy attempt to blackmail a powerful financier. Conducting the investigation is Sheriff Jed Roberts, the son of a Confederate officer killed in Pickett's Charge. Roberts has no interest in the past. He wants to run for Congress, but he knows he must solve this brutal crime first. Meanwhile, the financier has his own troubles, caused by decades of double-dealing. Out of options, he turns once again to the dark business of buying and selling human beings. Sheriff Roberts enlists Tinen's help in tracing the crime to Philadelphia, where he gets unexpected aid from the major's estranged daughter. There they will come to terms with the desperate financier, who has ordered his allies to stop the investigation at all costs.

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