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The Letters in the Books: A Novel

Can a handwritten letter found inside a book change the course of your life? Empath Meg Ellis believes it can. One snowy evening in early December on the night of Midnight Madness, a kick-off to the holiday season in Annapolis, Maryland, four downtrodden people walk into Meg’s bookstore at different times throughout the evening and become recipients of her inspirational letters. Over the course of a year, Meg’s clandestine, handwritten letters help positively change the trajectory of these vulnerable characters’ lives. Before long, Eva Levoni, Reid Jones, Lily Webster, and Dimitri Vassos become connected; prior to that night, they were not. Friendships form, romances bud, and their bonds become strong. Additionally, Meg’s backstory reveals why she takes the time to write the letters of encouragement—a handwritten letter she received years prior following the death of a beloved cousin. Meg, too, finds herself on a journey of her own.

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Chesapeake Bay (156)