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Hazard of the Hills

This case might just leave Margie feeling nostalgic about the water deaths she has been investigating lately.

A woman is found at the bottom of a 70-meter drop. It is pretty clear from the beginning that she was killed in the fall.

But you can never be sure until the medical examiner’s report comes back. It would appear that there is a lot more to be investigated after all.

Maybe this close-knit community wasn’t quite all it appeared to be.

Such a great series. Not only do you get the murder mystery, you also get great characters, beautiful scenery and the relationship between a mother, daughter and grandfather. Loving this.

This is another well-written, briskly-paced mystery featuring great characters, lots of interesting glimpses into Canada’s Indigenous culture, and a satisfying resolution all wrapped up in delightful quick-read police procedural by an author who could make a description of drying paint sound fascinating.

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