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Immersed in the View

Detective “Parks” Pat is back. Now an established and accepted member of the homicide squad, she unexpectedly brings a new case to the table when she stumbles across a body as Canada Day dawns. While it was initially assumed to be an accidental drowning, the autopsy results say otherwise.

Margie is soon off and running, but the lack of witnesses has her going in circles. Meanwhile, the brass wants the investigation put to bed before the city is flooded with Calgary Stampede tourists and dignitaries.

I also appreciate the imagery of these books – they afford a wonderful armchair travel experience. I understand the author draws on personal encounters when choosing the parks featured in this series so I suppose that is why the descriptions are so vivid and detailed. I find I can easily visualize the scenery, I can almost feel the sun and smell the breeze.

Ms. Workman never disappoints! Well developed characters, a tight plot and expert craftsmanship make this one a fast read.

Important places

Valleyview Park (1)


Alberta (387)


Canada (8,082)

Other geographical areas

Canadian Praries (1,770)
Western Canada (2,591)