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The New West Series

An idealistic young American Peace Corps Volunteer ventures beyond the edge of his own culture's reality limits.

Cooper is on a quest to help the Islanders balance their needs against those of the invading modern world. During his last year in Fiji in 1970, a shocking murder takes Cooper on a search for clues leading him into the spiritual world of the Island's animistic gods and the darkest reaches of human nature.

Meet a series of young Americans and Fijians caught-up in Cooper's adventures in the fabled isles, while enjoying the sensual eroticism of an unspoiled natural paradise only recently connected to the world's grid of jetliners.

In the tradition of Ernest Hemingway, James Michener, and Zane Grey, Tom Tatum has created a retro-classic novel about the exotic island nation of Fiji.

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United States (64,950)

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