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Inca-tastic Tales

"I would recommend it to young readers and anyone else that wants to read tales about Incas. Children also get to find out what their Inca name is and this absolutely fascinated my children!" "This book really brings Inca history to life for kids!" "engaging and entertaining" Join the goddess Pachamama and the rainbow Cuychi on an epic journey through Inca-tastic history! You'll get to meet gods, goddesses, a magician, queens, kings, princes, princesses, kidnappers, warriors, conquerors, treasure hunters, explorers, heroes and 2 volcanoes who are in love. Buckle your seat belt and come along on this cultural and educational adventure in South America! 12 well-researched Inca-tastic stories to share with your kids! 8 beautiful legends and 4 narratives based on historical accounts. 9 well-loved stories adapted for children from narratives in 'Intrepid Dudettes of the Inca Empire' and 3 brand-new tales! For ages 8 to 80. NOW INCLUDES the brand new Bonus Section: Colouring Pages!


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