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Adriatic Allure

It has been a little over a year since Jeni abandoned her career as an attorney outside New Orleans to accompany her husband, Zach, to Romania. While he has been settling into his new role as a diplomat with the Department of Justice, she has been embracing all the excitement and fun of being a new American expat in Europe. But all of that is about to change when her impulsive college-age niece, Candi, unexpectedly comes to stay with them.

As soon as Candi arrives, the drama begins. The situation, although awkward, is manageableuntil Candi disappears shortly after a young woman is found dead in a neighboring park. Against her husbands advice, Jeni dons her amateur sleuthing cap and boards a yacht in the Adriatic in the middle of Yacht Week to delve into the seemingly sinister disappearance while following sketchy clues. But as she races against time to hopefully find and safely extract Candi from a potentially dangerous situation, Jeni has no idea if her plan will end in mutiny or even worse, murder.

Adriatic Allure shares the roily adventure of an American expat turned sleuth as she sets out on a fast-paced search to find her niece after she is lured into the murky waters of international yachting.


Montenegro (41)
Romania (424)
Albania (91)
Croatia (102)

Other geographical areas

Pindus Mountains (84)
Dinaric Alps (144)
Carpathian Mountains (245)
Balkans (2,385)
Eastern Europe (2,710)
Southern Europe (7,123)