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Secrets in the Vines

Jeni, the wife of a recently appointed diplomat, enjoys cultural intrigue and lasting friendships when she joins the exotic International Ladies of Bucharest. But when Jeni volunteers to help one of those friends solve a mystery on an old family vineyard, she learns that trips to Romania's wine country can be deadly. Two murders, with Jeni caught in the middle, have the police pointing fingers the wrong way. Jeni must fight against the clock to solve the mystery before she is arrested or, worse, becomes the true murderer's next victim.

Praise For Secrets in the Vines


"Golden's first-hand knowledge of Romania is fascinating."


"Nothing makes an overworked genre like mystery seem quite so fresh as a story set in an exotic locale. SECRETS IN THE VINES takes this theory to heart, offering up a murder mystery set in the wine country surrounding Romania. It's a winning formula." "Author Jane Golden drew on her own time in Bucharest to set up this tale, and it pays off nicely. Observations about the life of a foreigner trying to make sense of a new culture are spot-on and often funny; thoughts about parking customs and the laconic pace of government reflect an outsider's tendency to compare things to life at home, while also taking us deeper into the atmosphere. The mystery is gripping, but it's the setting that steals the show." The review concludes with this about SECRETS IN THE VINES: It has a "terrific pacing and a plot that ends well." Better yet, the reviewer states that "we're left wanting more of this juicy escapism."


"An engaging mystery that turns the classic expatriate dream on its head."

FROM Marian Petrutza, President of the Romanian-American Press Association:

"The perfect vacation book....Colorful, entertaining, and beautifully written."


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