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Loyal & True: Spurgeon L.O.L. # 1624

'Loyal and True' were words included in the inscription on the headstone of an Orangeman who died in 1894 in Nova Scotia. What did this mean? By the early 1900s there were over 100 Orange Lodges in Nova Scotia from Cape Breton Island in the east to Yarmouth in the west. This book explores the beginnings and history of Spurgeon Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1624 of Torbrook Mines, Annapolis County. It was organized in 1892 and declared dormant in 1923. The headstone inscription was for one of its' departed members. The book also includes as an Appendix A listing of Orange Lodges which once were active throughout the Province and their locations..

Important places

Torbrook Mines (1)


Nova Scotia (716)


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