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The Heart of Yonkers

From the edge of the Hudson River, we travel with fifteen year old Cookie Colangelo into The Heart of Yonkers. Close to the river's edge, it was hot enough to take your clothes off and think about jumping into the water. Cookie has been slow to mature sexually. When her sexual awakening does occur, it's a huge explosion, all-consuming and emotionally powerful. She desperately wants a boyfriend but will not settle for a dumb Yonkers guy. Then she meets Stanley de Falco and falls hard. This Vietnam War Vet has recently returned home. Stanley is vulnerable and trying to come to terms with his own humanity. While Cookie does everything in her power to seduce him, her age is an obstacle to consummating the relationship. Throughout this story, the presence of the river is a brilliant metaphor providing context for unforgettable characters. Ultimately, The Heart of Yonkers is about kissing...well, learning how to kiss, or maybe, it's about much more than kissing.

Important places

Lake Avenue (1)
Nodine Hill (1)
Untermyer Park (3)
Yonkers (14)


Westchester (181)


New York (9,763)


United States (64,950)