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Deadwood: Exsanguinated

In Deadwood, they dug too deep in the mines. Evil forces are descending upon the Black Hills, and as Al Swearengen, Wu, Bullock, Sol Star and other members of the mining camp will find out, those entities are far deadlier than any fury unleashed by George Hearst. But as Deadwood fights to survive, a deeper mystery unfolds, and the mining camp will discover the conflict in which they are embroiled is the pinnacle of a centuries old quest begun in Central Europe.

Faced with these deadly challenges, Al and the Deadwood community struggle to understand what they are facing, and the old coalitions that helped them against Hearst may not be enough to overcome entities they cannot comprehend. One member of Deadwood may hold the key to this puzzle, but the fragments of heirlooms and family history may not be enough to thwart the new terrible threats.

Something is feeding on people, and as winter envelopes Deadwood, the mining community is trapped with a sinister, ancient malevolence that wants to drain the life of every soul it encounters.

Important places

Deadwood (27)


Lawrence (26)


South Dakota (315)


United States (64,950)

Other geographical areas

Black Hills (32)
Great Plains (2,255)