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Warm Hearts Lane

Once a spy, always a spy

"Warm Hearts Lane" is a seasonal holiday short story about recovery and re-connection.​

Families should be together at Christmas, and Stephen is determined to find Andrew and bring him home to meet his little daughter Adila for the first time. But families are complicated, and so are people. Andrew has moved on, taken a new lover, and become involved with criminals.
Stephen struggles with jealousy and resentment, but he draws on his professionalism to help Andrew resolve a dangerous situation, and on his courage to save Andrew’s injured dog.
​Will his efforts be enough to win Andrew back? Does Andrew still care about his family? Or about Stephen? Christmas is a season of miracles, even down-under in a hot Australian summer, and this short story has a happy, romantic, ending.

This short story follows the events in the novel "The Spy Racket".

Reading order for the Tender Spies series: Snapbone, Lies So Deep, Runaway Spy, Spies Under Glass, The Spy Racket, Warm Hearts Lane.

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