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House of Mirrors: Life in the Demimonde

Surrounded by 14,000-foot mountain peaks and stunning yet dangerous wilderness, Leadville, Colorado is where silver kings make their fortunes, miners fight to survive, and women struggle in the brutal world of coarse men, where laws are loose, yet harsh Victorian mores are rigid and unforgiving.  As Sheriff Lachlan Cooper wrestles with his failure to capture elusive stagecoach robbers, his wife Rachel quietly grapples with her desire to loosen the reins her husband holds her back with.  Laura, Bronwyn, Squirrel Tooth Alice, and the other prostitutes of the House of Mirrors bordello walk a razor's edge as they negotiate the moral terms of survival and social acceptance, seeking moments of meaning and happiness along the way. 

Drawn from the pages of history, the people and events of the 1800s West are returned to life in this historical fiction. 

Important places

Leadville (31)
Twin Lakes (1)


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Colorado (1,596)


United States (64,950)

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Rocky Mountains (370)