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The Moonbeamers

Set in the Mid-Nineties in the Melbourne Bayside suburbs, the story follows Michael’s search for acceptance in someone else’s domain:   

Nothing could be more challenging for an adult than to move into another family’s home.

In their sanctuary you may always feel like an intruder – a permanent visitor – you may never believe you’re entirely welcome.

Your new partner’s friends are expected to become yours, regardless of your likes or dislikes. Neighbours will look at you with suspicion – but it is with your partner’s children where the danger lies.

You cannot be a substitute parent to teenage children – don’t even try. The best you can hope for is a level of acceptance so you don’t have to walk on eggshells around them each day.

This is your new partner’s house and they will have a particular way of doing things – remember – it’s their home.

Into such a world enters school teacher and divorcee, Michael Freeman, a man who must also become accustomed to the demanding film producer career of his new love, Fiona.

When Fiona must leave for Sydney to promote her latest project, Michael is left with her precocious seventeen-year-old daughter, Pixie – a girl hell-bent on making Michael’s stay as uncomfortable and as short as possible – as well as Zac, Fiona’s indifferent fifteen-year-old son, who has recently discovered sex.

Shocked when it appears Pixie may have been indecently assaulted, Fiona returns home to questions over Michael’s past.

 Support for Michael comes from unexpected quarters, but once trust has gone – can love ever be the same?

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