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Mountain of Secrets

Elma is Gen Z, her Dad is Gen X and Gran – well Gran is just a plain old pain in the butt. At least that’s how Elma sees it. Being seventeen is not easy. What will she do now the school holidays are over? Train as a nurse or stay on at the café? And, more importantly, how will she cope when Aunt Livie, the only person who really listens to her, moves away to the mainland? One thing she knows for sure – she will never visit her Gran in the nursing home. But when Dad offers driving lessons, Elma learns that life is not so black and white. Join Elma as she journeys between the mountain and the river to unravel the shadowy secrets of her grandmother’s mind.

Important places

Hobart (31)
kunanyi / Mount Wellington (1)


Tasmania (166)


Australia (6,814)

Other geographical areas

Tasman Sea (90)
Australia And New Zealand (4,260)
Oceania (8,401)