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Jess Laura Michael: and other short writings

Laura can enter the mind of any animal, experiencing the world through its senses. The youngest, Michael, can “jump” to any place he has been before, disappearing then reappearing elsewhere. But what can Jess the oldest do? Nothing as far as she can tell. As Jess wonders what her magical gift might be, she finds that the world which she loves so much is quickly and strangely changing around her. Strange colorful large objects begin unexplainably appearing overnight in her town. Then she and her siblings stumble through a cloudlike entrance to a never before seen expanding landscape. With Jess’s world changing so fast how can she stand still and maintain who she is? How can she even know who she is? Her boyfriend Paul is so calming but he doesn’t know the answers. And a strange invisible creature is following the four where ever they go. Welcome to the world of Jess, Laura, and Michael (and Paul).

Important places

Glenolden Park (1)
Glenolden (1)
Wayne (3)


Delaware (26)


Pennsylvania (4,458)


United States (64,950)