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Days: A Tangier Diary

Paperback. Pub Date: 2006 Pages: 128 Publisher: Harper Perennial Between 1987 and 1989 Paul Bowles at the Suggestion of a friend kept a journal to record the daily events of his life. What emerges is not only just a record of the meals. conversations. and health concerns of the author of The Sheltering Sky but also a fascinating look at an artist at work in a new medium. Characterized by a refreshing informality. clear-sightedness. and passages of exquisite prose. these pages record with equal fascination the behavior of an itinerant spider. a utal episode of violence in a Tangier marketplace. and the pageantry and excess of Malcolm Forbes's seventieth birthday party. In Days. a master observer of the foreign and obscure turns his attentions toward his own daily existence. giving us a startlingly candid portrait of his life in late twentieth-century Tangier.

Important places

Tangiers (69)


Tanger - T├ętouan (72)


Morocco (398)

Other geographical areas

Er Rif (87)
Atlas Mountains (233)
Northern Africa (2,841)
Africa (5,755)