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Ramage and the Freebooters

Ramage is given command of the brig Triton. However,like the rest of the Navy, Triton's crew is mutinous and somehow he has to find a way of persuading the sailors under his command not to take part, even though he has some sympathy with their complaints. But if he fails to deliver three sealed dispatches to admirals off Brest and Cadiz, and in the Caribbean, he will become a convenient scapegoat and will have failed his mission. There's a lot of action and also conflict with pirates who have been preying on British Caribbean commerce, but the most intriguing thing is Ramage's overall plan ......

Important places

Cadiz (20)
Brest (10)


Cádiz (34)
Finistère (14)


Spain (1,881)
France (7,260)